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Day Two Cloud


Co-hosts Ned Bellavance & Ethan Banks chat with fellow IT engineers about cloud ops. Private & public. Hybrid & multi. Automation & orchestration. Serverless & scripting. Conferences & certifications. Shiny objects & horrible scars.

Cloud is what happens when IT is making other plans.

Day Two Cloud 092: What AWS Lambda Is Good For

Today's Day Two Cloud podcast is a thorough introduction to AWS Lambda, which is AWS's serverless compute service. We discuss how Lamdba works, what it can do, use cases, and more. Our guide for today's conversation is Julian Wood, Senior Developer...

Day Two Cloud 091: BGP School For Cloud People

On today's Day Two Cloud, Ethan Banks and Ned Bellavance dive into essentials about BGP including why it's so widely used, concepts such as the Autonomous System (AS), the AS number, loop prevention, BGP communities, IBGP, EBGP, and more.

Day Two Cloud 090: Hashicorp Vault For Beginners

HashiCorp Vault is a management tool that stores and controls access to sensitive data (passwords, certificates, API keys, and so on). Today's Day Two Cloud is a deep dive on Vault and its use cases. This is an unsponsored show that came together...

Day Two Cloud 084: So You Want To Be A Consultant

Today's Day Two Cloud gets into consulting. How do you start? What does the job entail? Is it a good job to have? How do you build a client base? There are so many questions! We're joined by Michael Jenkins, Sr. Systems Reliability Engineer at Managed...