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Day Two Cloud


Co-hosts Ned Bellavance & Ethan Banks chat with fellow IT engineers about cloud ops. Private & public. Hybrid & multi. Automation & orchestration. Serverless & scripting. Conferences & certifications. Shiny objects & horrible scars.

Cloud is what happens when IT is making other plans.

Day Two Cloud 054: Real Life VMware Cloud On AWS

We discuss the reality of running VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS with Adam Fisher, Cloud & DevOps Engineer at RoundTower. Adam's been deploying VMC on AWS in the real world for customers since the product's early days, and has plenty of insights. VMC on AWS...

Day Two Cloud 052: Moving Back Home From The Cloud

Today's Day Two Cloud episode is a frank conversation about cloud migration, multicloud, cloud repatriation, and more. If you're here for rainbows and unicorns, prepare for disappointment. We talk about what's real, how expensive it can be to move to...