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Day Two Cloud 003: Building And Automating A Private Cloud Underlay

Episode 3

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Automation is awesome!  You build your intricate scripts and configuration files. You deploy out your infrastructure and applications. And then celebrate, because your job is done.

Except there’s going to come a day when business requirements change, your infrastructure doesn’t behave the way you expect, and there’s a new version of the application to be deployed.

Automation is the job that’s never done, so how do you do it right each time, every time, particularly when it comes to essential infrastructure like RAID, networking, and firmware?

Rob Hirschfeld is my guest for today’s episode. We discuss how to build a robust infrastructure to support your private cloud, and how to add a layer of automation to the underlay.

Rob is CEO and co-founder of RackN.

Topics include:

  • The early days of private cloud deployments
  • The development of OpenStack
  • Digital Rebar, an open-source project that provides an abstraction layer for hardware
  • Why it’s essential to get your private cloud underlay–firmware, OS, networking, RAID, etc.–right
  • How composibility and workflow are key to day-two operations

Show Links:

Digital Rebar

Rob Hirschfeld on Twitter


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Episode 3