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Day Two Cloud 006: Dealing With The Unknown Unknowns Of Building Cloud Applications

When you’re building applications in the cloud, there are knowns, known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns.

You can read documentation, scour blogs, talk to colleagues, and draw on your own experience, but sometimes you just to have to sail off the map and into territory marked “Here there be dragons.”

Or maybe puppies. Hopefully it’s puppies.

Today’s episode looks at how one developer dealt with surprises and unexpected issues that arose as his company built an Orchard-based Content Management System (CMS) application on Azure. The goal was to replace an existing CMS running on premises.

My guest is Jamie Phillips, a Senior Software Development Engineer at SentryOne. During the day he works on Windows, but at night he’s all about Linux.

We discuss issues that the project ran into, including quirks of Azure’s App Service; why the application ran into performance problems and how they fixed it; storage challenges; and how Azure AD, while useful, caused maintenance problems because of password resets.

You can find Jamie on Twitter @phillipsj73, on GitHub as phillipsj, and read his blog at

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