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Day Two Cloud 007: Digital Transformation Is More Than Just Cloud Migration

Episode 7

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Many organizations are leaping into the cloud in hopes of achieving “digital transformation.”

Collapsing your entire data center and moving it online might seem like a great idea, but just pushing your heritage application to the cloud won’t digitally transform your company any more that slapping an Autobots symbol on your car makes it a Transformer.

How do you actually move a workload to the public cloud? What are the pitfalls and gotchas? Why did we get a whole movie about Bumblebee and not Jazz? Let’s dive into the world of cloud migrations to find out.

My guest is Martin Ehrnst, a Technical Lead for Azure at Intility AS. We talk about what digital transformation entails for startups and for established enterprises.

We also discuss:

  • Why you need multi-factor authentication from the start
  • How to use governance templates to ensure that new workloads get the right monitoring and controls
  • Why you need a team or department to drive digital transformation within an organization
  • Why the principles and practices of digitization can’t only reside with that team

Show Links:

Martin Ehrnst on Twitter

Martin’s blog on Adatum

Ned Bellavance on Twitter

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1 comment
  • Never listened to a podcast, which was so far removed from the subject matter in all my life.

    Apart from stating the obvious, it completely failed to address Digital Transformation, but appeared to imply the means of achieving it was by moving workloads to the cloud, when cloud or public cloud to be more precise is merely an extension of enterprise IT.

    Even more ludicrous was the suggestion that somehow multi-factor authentication was the starting point of a digital transformation journey.

    The only thing I’m in agreement with is on Digital Transformation being just another buzzword the industry has conjured up, because just about every major corporation in the world is on this journey and it starts with Business Analysis!

    Hence the features and functions provided by Microsoft’s Azure are completely irrelevant.

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Episode 7