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Day Two Cloud 008: Building A Hybrid Dev/Test Environment

Episode 8

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Perhaps you want to run your Dev and QA in the cloud, where you can burst for capacity as needed and shrink when you don’t. Meanwhile, Staging and Production are living the on-prem life in their climate controlled cabana.

How do you keep this hybrid environment consistent across clouds? Is this even a good idea? What could possibly go wrong?

Joining me today to share his experience building a hybrid environment is Mike Nelson, a Solutions Architect for Rubrik, a Microsoft MVP, and a VMware vExpert.

We discuss:

  • Hybrid design planning
  • Implementation
  • Evolving the solution to include more teams and scenarios
  • Impediments to a successful design
  • Troubles with implementation and sticker shock
  • Realizing that not one size fits many

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Episode 8