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Day Two Cloud 011: Going All In On Serverless And DevOps

There’s a lot of talk about serverless and DevOps, but what’s it like doing these things in production?

My guest Robb Schiefer is a .NET developer and Microsoft MVP.

He’s using AWS Lambda in production at a healthcare company, and employing DevOps principles to keep applications and services running.

We discuss:

  • Why the organization went serverless instead of using PaaS or containers
  • Serverless benefits, including scale, consumption-based pricing, and no OSs to upgrade
  • The decision to go with AWS Lambda over Azure Functions
  • Why they went with Azure DevOps as the tool suite
  • How they use AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure provisioning
  • The challenges of running serverless in production
  • More

Show Links:

Robb Schiefer on Twitter

DotNet Catch – Robb Schiefer’s blog

Ned Bellavance on Twitter

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