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Day Two Cloud 012: Cloud Data Warehouse Migration – A Layer Cake Of Complexity

For those of us not steeped in the world of Business Intelligence and Data Management, the idea of a Data Warehouse with its cubes, dimensions, and other esoteric errata can seem daunting.

Now imagine compounding those errata with the notion of Data Warehouse as a Service and you’ve got yourself a layer cake of complexity.

What is a data warehouse? Why would you want to use the cloud for such a thing? How do you migrate a premises data warehouse into a cloud service? Who else kinda wants cake now?

Let’s grab a slice of data warehousing with my guest Deepak Kaushik, a cloud architect who’s overseen many a migration of on-prem data warehouses to the cloud.

Deepak and I discuss:

  • Just what a data warehouse is and what it’s used for
  • Storage and security requirements
  • Capacity planning and DR/HA issues to consider
  • The pros and cons of a data warehouse as a service
  • How to prep an on-premises warehouse for migration
  • Tips for saving costs
  • More

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Deepak Kaushik’s blog

Deepak Kaushik on Twitter

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