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Day Two Cloud 013: To Do Cloud Right, Leave Data Center Thinking Behind

Organizations don’t have to be convinced to adopt the cloud these days. The conversation now is about how to do it right.

The cloud is not just another data center or just another IT project; it’s a transformation in how you build, operate, and consume cloud applications and technologies, and how you support people and objectives.

Joining me today to provide some expert guidance on the right way to adopt cloud is Dwayne Monroe, a Cloud Architect for Cloudreach.

We discuss:

  • The wrong way of doing cloud (no refactoring, sizing servers as you would on premises, etc.)
  • Why organizations fail to design with cost in mind
  • The need for a cloud team that crosses IT and business domains and disciplines
  • Why you should explore PaaS and serverless, not just IaaS
  • IT’s shared responsibility to design for service availability and security
  • Why staff training is a must
  • Laying the groundwork to refactor applications once they’re in the cloud
  • More

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