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Day Two Cloud 014: Turning A “Get Us Into Cloud” Order Into Operational Reality

You’ve got to get to the cloud!  It’s a moral imperative, or at the very least it’s a corporate directive.

And on the way you’d like to embrace infrastructure as code, DevOps, and serverless: you know, all the cool buzzwords.

But how do you actually integrate those technologies into your day-to-day workflow? How do you create an initial environment, and how to you update that environment after day one? What was the glowing thing in the briefcase from Pulp Fiction? We’ll try to get to the bottom of some of these questions on today’s show.

In this episode, we’ll discuss some important points on day two adoption of cloud technologies. We’ll go through the challenges of making that transition from day one to day two in terms of training, adoption, and governance.

My guest is Mark Gossa, an infrastructure engineering lead for a London-based bank.

Besides the day one to day two transition, we talk about how his organization uses DevOps principles without creating a “DevOps team,” how to select a tool to automate Azure infrastructure deployments, and briefly discuss options such as Terraform and ARM templates.

We’ll also discuss how Azure DevOps can provide full end-to-end management from Azure Boards and Azure Repos all the way through to Azure Pipelines.

We’ll also have a brief chat about going serverless in Azure using Azure Functions, talk about the benefits and limitations, and explore Azure Durable Functions.

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