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Day Two Cloud 016: Checking Up On Azure Kubernetes Service

In June 2018, Microsoft went GA with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). As it sounds, AKS is a fully managed Azure service using Kubernetes as the orchestration layer for container-based applications.

Given all the hype around Kubernetes and cloud applications, I wanted to get a reality check on the service, which is just over one year old now.

My guest is Justin Luk, the Azure Kubernetes Service with Programmer Manager at Microsoft.

We discuss:

  • Why Azure launched a Kubernetes service when it already had multiple ways to deploy containers
  • Technical limitations that Microsoft wanted to avoid
  • The business drivers for the service
  • Customer adoption one year in
  • How Microsoft deals with the constant updates to Kubernetes while supporting older versions
  • The problems and challenges of running a service at scale

Show Links:

What Is Kubernetes? – Microsoft Azure

Support policies for Azure Kubernetes Service – Microsoft Azure

Azure AKS – Github

Justin Luk on Twitter

Justin Luk on GitHub

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