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Day Two Cloud 017: Grappling With Multi-Cloud’s Operational Implications

Your CIO recently returned from a global strategy summit in Vegas and sent an all-company memo announcing that the company’s cloud-first strategy is now a “multi-cloud” strategy.

Then your boss wanders in to ask you how long until that multi-cloud strategy will be fully implemented.

You wonder what they mean by multi-cloud. Do they even know? Why is the organization doing this? Why is my coffee cold?

Today’s Day Two Cloud episode examines the motivations that drive organizations to multi-cloud, and the consequences of that decision.

Going multi-cloud may sound like a great idea–and it might actually be, depending on your organization’s needs–but it’s full of trap doors in terms of training, operations, security, and cost.

My guest is Alex Neihaus, a Cloud Infrastructure Architect with Air11 Technology. We discuss the business, technical, and process implications of multi-cloud.

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