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Day Two Cloud 018: “I’m Not As Terrified As I Was” – Making The Transition To Cloud And DevOps

You’ve heard whispers of a new project code-named Daedalus; something to do with multi-cloud, GCP, Terraform, CI/CD, and Git.

You have a vague sense of what all of those things are, and a clear sense of dread that you’ll end up assigned to this labyrinthine mess.

Lo and behold, you’ve got an email from your Resource Coordinator congratulating you on being selected for this exciting new endeavor.

How do you architect a new cloud solution while learning on the fly, without soaring too close to imposter syndrome and melting your wings? That’s our topic on this episode of Day Two Cloud.

My guest is Aaron Strong, a Cloud Architect for the Burwood Group and a fellow Cloud Field Day delegate.

We discuss:

  • Aaron’s technical background in Windows infrastructure
  • How consulting projects drove him toward the cloud and DevOps practices
  • His experiences with tools including Terraform and GitHub
  • Why it’s essential to ask for help and time when you’re learning on the fly
  • Building a support system among the tech community and coworkers to get that help
  • More

Show Links:

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The Aaron Strong – Aaron’s Blog

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Episode 18