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Day Two Cloud 019: Building Your First CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD: You’ve seen it in literature, heard it on podcasts, and you have a vague notion of what it might be.

Now you’re being asked to help the development team put together an automated delivery process for their cloud application. Suddenly CI/CD is not an abstract concept, but an immediate and imminent reality.

How do you get your head around continuous integration and delivery? How do you select a toolset to accomplish your goals? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

CI/CD is the topic for this episode of Day Two Cloud. My guest is Nathaniel Avery, a Senior Solutions Engineer for a government contractor.

We discuss:

  • Just what CI/CD means
  • The range of tools, such as Jenkins and GitHub, that go into a CI/CD toolset
  • Details on the app being built
  • Nathaniel’s role in developing a CI/CD pipeline
  • Operational challenges and successes
  • The role of group dynamics
  • More

Show Links:

Nathaniel Avery on Twitter

Not Your Dad’s IT – Nathaniel Avery’s Blog

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Episode 19