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Day Two Cloud 020: Design Tips For Cloud Networking Success

The network is always assumed guilty until proven innocent.

And that has gotten even harder as new cloud networking technologies roll out. VPCs, Vnets, DirectConnect, Kubernetes, Calico–the list goes on and on.

Making sure that the things that should talk can, and things that shouldn’t don’t is no small feat. How does an organization ensure that they are prepared for the cloud networking challenge? How do you select the right solution for a given environment? How do you monitor and troubleshoot this spaghetti monster of networks?

My guest to help answer these questions is Andrew Wertkin, Chief Strategy Officer at BlueCat Networks.

We discuss:

  • The need to create cross-functional teams that include network engineers when adopting public cloud
  • The role of network design in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments
  • The criticality of DNS in the cloud
  • Tips for monitoring cloud networks
  • Options for connecting multiple clouds
  • Application migration and application onboarding
  • More

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