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Day Two Cloud 021: Nice Design; We Need To Change It – The Reality Of Building A Cloud Service

Every project starts out with a great idea. But no great idea survives first contact with reality.

Implementation details get in the way. Users have “requests” and “opinions”.  And the worst part is they’re probably right.

That first idea turns into a second idea, and a third idea and so on, until it gets molded into something resembling a finished project. How does technical implementation and user feedback shape a solution? When is it time to make a significant change in your design? And how do you know you’re headed in the right direction?

Those are the topics we’ll be discussing on this episode of Day Two Cloud. My guest is Michael Fraser, co-founder and CEO of Refactr.

We discuss:

  • Cloud complexity and the bewildering number of choices for building infrastructure
  • How initial designs and assumpti0ns change when tested in the real world
  • The challenges of building for a true multi-cloud environment
  • Juggling the nuances of different cloud environments
  • Deciding when it’s time to pivot to a new approach
  • More

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