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Day Two Cloud 022: Day Two Cloud Scales Out And Up!

Episode 22

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Change is inevitable, and sometimes even welcome. Sometimes you need to shift careers or try out a new food.

Other times someone tells you that you only need one space after a period, and while that person is obviously a lunatic, you discover the world is full of lunatics and you are outnumbered.  So I guess what I am saying is that change can be bad (two spaces 4 LIFE), but change can also be good.

On this episode of Day Two Cloud, we talk about the best possible change: Day Two Cloud getting even better! Packet Pushers co-founder Ethan Banks is joining as a co-host.

And Day Two Cloud is also becoming a weekly show! With the addition of a co-host, we have more shoulders to put to the content generation wheel.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Why Ethan is coming aboard and the show is going weekly
  • How to connect with Ned and Ethan at Kubecon 2019
  • Upcoming deep-dives series on Kubernetes, public cloud, security, and service meshes
  • Individual show ideas
  • The launch of the Day Two Cloud dedicated Web site

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Episode 22