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Day Two Cloud 026: Build Cloud-Native Networks With Aviatrix (Sponsored)

Cloud networking is a pain in the butt. The constructs use things you’re familiar with, like IP addresses, routing, and so on. But then…it gets weird. Plus, the way networking is done in one cloud isn’t the same in a different cloud.

The temptation is to pave over the public cloud native networking with virtual machines of routers and firewalls you know that work more like how you want. But is that the right way to go about cloud networking? VMs plus some IPSEC tunnels? Especially when you get into multi-cloud?

Today on Day Two Cloud, we talk about multi-cloud networking with sponsor Aviatrix. Aviatrix has built a networking solution that’s multi-cloud capable and leverages cloud-native constructs wherever possible. And they do it in a way designed to make the life of IT engineers better.

Our guests are Rod Stuhlmuller, VP Marketing; and Nauman Mustafa, VP Solutions Engineering from Aviatrix.

We discuss:

  • A definition of multi-cloud infrastructure
  • How Aviatrix views cloud-native networking
  • Using cloud-native tools vs. running routers, firewalls, etc. in VMs in the cloud
  • Challenges such as visibility, and network correctness in cloud networking
  • How Aviatrix works
  • Customer case studies
  • More

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