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Day Two Cloud 027: Do Enterprises Need Kubernetes?

Kubernetes…you’ve heard the term. You might know loosely what it means, or perhaps you’ve caught wind of some Dev team using it in your organization.

Despite all the talk about Kubernetes, actual adoption remains relatively low, particularly in the enterprise.

Not everyone is a Netflix or an Uber or a Google. We’re not all trying to solve planet-scale distributed computing platforms, we just want to make sure our website doesn’t go down and that finance can process payroll.

As an IT practitioner and curious person, do you actually need to know more about Kubernetes? Does Kubernetes and its ecosystem materially matter to your organization? Is K8s just stepping stone to more advanced technologies, becoming the laser disk of media formats? Those are the questions we are going to try and answer on this episode of Day Two Cloud.

Our guests are Keith Townsend, founder and principle at The CTO Advisor; and Justin Warren, a technology analyst and IT consultant at PivotNine.

We discuss:

  • Reasons for the hype around Kubernetes
  • Whether OpenStack is an apt comparison to Kubernetes
  • Enterprise adoption of Kubernetes, or the lack thereof
  • How enterprise vendors are approaching Kubernetes
  • Key takeaways for listeners

Show Links:

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Episode 27