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Day Two Cloud 028: Using Ansible And Cisco NSO To Automate Hybrid And Multi-Cloud (Sponsored)

The network has lagged behind other IT disciplines when it comes to automation. This lag is painfully apparent in the cloud, where resources can be spun up and down with a few clicks, or more likely, a few API calls.

But cloud doesn’t make networking go away. In fact, network connectivity, as well as the accompanying policies and controls, are just as critical in the cloud as on premises.

On today’s Day Two Cloud podcast, we welcome two guests who are on a mission to get network engineers to delight their application counterparts by making networking something that can be consumed effortlessly, while still enabling the network teams to meet their own demands and requirements.

Our guests are Carl Moberg, Senior Director of Product Management at Cisco; and Peter Sprygata, Distinguished Engineer at Ansible by Red Hat.

Cisco is our sponsor for this discussion, and Carl and Peter are going to get into details about how Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) integrates with Ansible to help automate hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

We discuss:

  • Using Ansible and NSO for cloud automation
  • How these tools work together
  • Use cases including tying resources from on-prem into public cloud, and linking multiple public clouds
  • Key takeaways

Show Links:

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)

Red Hat Ansible

Carl Moberg on Twitter

Peter Sprygata on Twitter

Episode 28