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Day Two Cloud 029: Kubernetes Needs To Disappear

Episode 29

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Welcome to a special holiday episode of Day Two Cloud with guest Kelsey Hightower, a Kubernetes evangelist and contributor.

In early December, Kelsey tweeted an open invitation to podcasters who wanted to bring him on to talk all things Kubernetes and cloud. Day Two Cloud jumped at the chance to have a conversation.

We discuss:

  • Kelsey’s tech background and his involvement with the Kubernetes project
  • The problem of rapid iteration and stability
  • OpenStack as a cautionary tale; what did the Kubernetes project learn and do differently?
  • Whether traditional infrastructure / operations folks should invest time in learning Kubernetes innards
  • If we’ll get to a point where K8s, to most consumers, is a black box we consume
  • Areas for improvement, including networking and multi-cluster management
  • Future thoughts

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Kelsey Hightower on Twitter

Keynote: Reflections (Kelsey Hightower) – YouTube

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Episode 29