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Day Two Cloud 030: The Gnarly Challenges Of Edge Computing

Edge computing is all the rage in cloud conversations. From industrial controls to IoT sensors to cell tower infrastructure to automation systems and even drones, there are innumerable use cases where data needs to be collected, packaged up, and shipped off somewhere to be processed and analyzed.

On today’s Day Two Cloud episode, we sit down with Rob Hirschfeld to examine the challenges of working in edge environments. Many of those challenges revolve around the infrastructure itself: how to provision, configure, and operate equipment in remote locations, how to ensure logical and physical security, and how to manage it all remotely.

Rob is founder and CEO of RackN, and a member of the LF Edge group at the Linux Foundation.

In this episode, recorded at Kubecon 2019, we discuss:

  • The shifting definitions of “edge”
  • The need for edge standards
  • Unique edge use cases such as drones
  • Management and security challenges, including physical security
  • Whether AWS and Azure will “own” the edge
  • The role of Kubernetes in edge environments
  • More

Show Links:

RackN Edge Unpopular Opinions – YouTube

LF Edge – Linux Foundation

Rob Hirschfeld on Twitter (@zehicle)


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Episode 30