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Day Two Cloud 031: Melding Network Automation With CI/CD Pipelines And Infrastructure As Code (Sponsored)

Episode 31

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Today’s Day Two Cloud episode explores network automation through the lenses of infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipelines.

As network automation permeates organizations, does it make sense for network engineers to adopt more developer-like processes, methods, and tools?

Can you successfully automate your infrastructure without elements such as code repositories and a CI/CD processes?

Our guests for this conversation, sponsored by Cisco, are Carl Moberg, Senior Director of Product Management at Cisco; and Kristian Larsson, who has dual roles at Cisco and Deutsche Telekom.

We discuss:

  • Infrastructure as code as a valid concept
  • Whether network engineers will really use CI/CD pipelines in network automation
  • How many developer tools or concepts need to be embraced by operations teams
  • Building a CI/CD tool chain
  • How to select tools based on your specific requirements
  • How version testing becomes a welcome safety net instead of a pain-in-the-butt task
  • Grappling with the cultural and process changes
  • More

Show Links:

Carl Moberg on Twitter

Kristian Larsson on Twitter

Kristian Larsson’s blog “Network Automation ramblings”

Robust Network Automation – Kristian Larsson on YouTube

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) – Cisco Systems

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Episode 31