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Day Two Cloud 033: Cloud Governance – Bringing Order To Your Cloud Chaos

Episode 33

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You’ve got this cloud thing and it’s starting to look like the wild West. Accounts and subscriptions are created willy-nilly. Your devs have stitched together a networking nightmare. Nothing is named or tagged consistently.

And you’re pretty sure a VM with 16 vCPUS and half a terabyte of RAM is a bit over the top for a development environment.

Time to impose a little law and order in this one-horse town. There’s a new sheriff and its name is Cloud Governance.

Today’s Day Two Cloud episode explores how to bring some governance order to your cloud chaos. Our guest is Steve Buchanan, Cloud Architect at Avanade.

We discuss:

  • How governance differs from strategy, compliance, and accountability
  • Translating governance ideas into practice
  • Making sure governance policies keep pace with new services and changing business demands
  • Practical examples and blueprints, particularly around Azure
  • More

Show Links:

Steve Buchanan on Twitter – Steve’s blog

What is Azure Policy? – Microsoft Azure

What is Azure Blueprints – Microsoft Azure

Azure Architecture Framework – Microsoft Azure

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Episode 33