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Day Two Cloud 034: Everything As Code – Including Documentation

Moving from legacy infrastructure to an automated and cloud-friendly environment is complex (to say the least).

On today’s Day Two Cloud episode, we talk with a guest who’s in the midst of this transformation at a large healthcare company.

One key idea to this transformation is “everything as code.” That includes networking, infrastructure, security, and documentation. Yes, documentation. We dive into how to get beyond using Microsoft Office as your infrastructure management strategy.

Our guest is William Collins, a cloud architect.

We discuss:

  • How documentation underpins automation
  • Getting away from spreadsheets
  • Applying automation principles such as creation, version control, and repeatability to documentation
  • Why documentation may be a good place to start for infrastructure teams that don’t do much coding
  • Getting buy-in on transforming documentation practices
  • The importance of talking to teams in person and providing a proof of concept
  • Tool recommendations
  • More

Show Links:

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Episode 34