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Day Two Cloud 035: Understanding Kubernetes Operators For Complex Applications

Episode 35

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When Kubernetes was first designed, it was all about stateless architectures.

It turns out, there’s more than just stateless applications–there’s a lot of complex architectures out there. It today’s episode, we talk about Kubernetes Operators, a way to automate and ensure that complex applications stay up and running.

Our guest is Rob Szumski, Senior Manager, Product Management, Red Hat OpenShift.

We discuss:

  • The problems Operators were designed to solve
  • Operator components
  • The relationship between Operators and Custom Resource Definitions
  • Operator creation and maintenance
  • Real-world use cases
  • More

Show Links:

Rob Szumski on Twitter

Rob Szumski on LinkedIn

Operator Framework – GitHub

Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification – Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift Blog – Red Hat

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Episode 35