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Day Two Cloud 036: The Container Contrarian

Episode 36

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Here’s something you don’t hear every day: containers are a fad. They aren’t all that. Or maybe containers are the wrong answer depending on the problem you’re trying to solve. Maybe containers won’t even make it to the end of the hype cycle.

Who thinks like that? Who dares challenge the clouderati? The kuberati? We must find this heretic and shun the non-believer! Shun!!

The thing is, you have to figure out what you’re trying to do, understand your resource constraints, and decide what’s best for you, and not what’s popular with the Googles of the world.

Our Day Two Cloud guest is Dave Tucker. A co-founder of SocketPlane, which was acquired by Docker, Dave has many years of experience with containers, networking, and cloud architecture.

We discuss:

  • Why you’d use containers
  • Reasons not to use containers
  • Golden images and whether they’re overrated
  • The relationship between containers and Kubernetes
  • Understanding the problems containers fix, and the new ones they create
  • Whether we’ll see a combination of virtual machines and containers that will solve all the things
  • More

Sponsor: Illumio

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Show Notes:

Dave Tucker on Twitter – Dave’s blog

Dave Tucker on GitHub

Dave Tucker on LinkedIn

LinuxKit – GitHub

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Episode 36