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Day Two Cloud 037: NetApp – The Cloud Data Services Company (Sponsored)

Episode 37

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In today’s sponsored show we talk with NetApp, the storage company that’s embracing the cloud.

While most people associate NetApp with storage arrays, the company has brought cloud automation principles to its product portfolio to make daily operations easier.

Our guest is Nick Howell, Global Field CTO for Cloud Data Services.

We discuss:

  • NetApp’s cloud data services journey
  • NetApp’s cloud portfolio, including Cloud Volumes, Azure NetApp Files, and more
  • Support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • The enterprise/cloud dichotomy
  • The NetApp Kubernetes service
  • The role of Fabric Orchestrator as a universal storage control plane
  • Automating policies and workflows
  • More

Episode Takeaways

  1. NetApp is not just a storage company anymore; NetApp is a data management company for on-prem and the cloud
  2. Find demos, presentations, and pricing info at You can demo products and tools for free
  3. Content is incoming! Live streams, Twitch, YouTube, and more

Show Links:

NetApp Cloud – NetApp

Tech ONTAP Podcast – NetApp

NetApp on YouTube

NetApp An Infrastructure Admin’s Journey to the Cloud – Tech Field Day via YouTube

DatacenterDude (Nick Howell) on Twitch

DatacenterDude (Nick Howell) on Twitter

Busted Wide Open – Nick Howell’s wrestling podcast

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Episode 37