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Day Two Cloud 038: Making The Case For Third-Party Cloud Storage

Episode 38

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Today’s Day Two Cloud podcast focuses on third-party cloud storage. While the big cloud providers have native storage offerings, there may be times when you want an alternative.

Our guest is Stephen Foskett, a longtime storage analyst and founder of Tech Field Day and Gestalt IT. He discusses why third-party storage in the cloud is viable, describes common enterprise use cases, and examines key issues including performance, data management, and operations.

We talk about:

  • What third-party means in context of the cloud
  • Why a cloud provider’s offering may not meet your needs
  • Pros and cons of both cloud-native and third-party storage options
  • The essential role of data management
  • Cloud gateways
  • Performance and administration challenges
  • More

Sponsor: Illumio

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Show Links:

Tech Field Day

Gestalt IT

Stephen Foskett on Twitter

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Episode 38