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Day Two Cloud 039: Kubernetes Fundamentals For Infrastructure

Episode 39

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Kubernetes is making a lot of noise in the infrastructure world. Day Two Cloud co-host Ethan Banks spent three days taking a deep-dive course on the orchestration platform, and on today’s show aims to provide Kubernetes fundamentals as they apply to your infrastructure.

Ethan and Ned Bellavance discuss:

  • Kubernetes as a scheduler/declarative state engine
  • Pods, worker nodes, master nodes, and clusters
  • Master node functions including Etcd, the API server, Kube Controller Manager, and the scheduler
  • The importance of YAML
  • Much much more…

Key Takeaways:

  1. Kubernetes infrastructure is still infrastructure. Your old thinking patterns are still useful.
  2. When learning Kubernetes or running it on your own system, you’ll use kubectl a lot, but remember that it’s just another way to interact with the Kubernetes API.
  3. YAML is a big deal, so try a tool like PyCharm or SublimeText that can help you with syntax. Also be aware that there are ways from kubectl to generate default YAML files to get you going. You don’t have to build your own templates, although you could.

Show Links:

Ethan Banks on Twitter

Ned Bellavance on Twitter

Day Two Cloud Show on Twitter

Kubernetes The Hard Way – Kelsey Hightower via GitHub

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Episode 39