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Day Two Cloud 042: AWS Networking Part 1: Performance

Today on Day Two Cloud, Ned Bellavance and Ethan Banks answer listener questions about AWS Networking. They get into the nitty gritty on core AWS networking concepts including placement groups for EC2 instances, Elastic Network Adapters, network and application load balancing, Route 53, and more.

They also discuss how AWS networking is about understanding first, how AWS hosts an application; and second, how AWS networking-related services should be used with those applications so that they perform as required. That means AWS networking is not only a bits-per-second conversation. It’s also a systems design conversation.

There’s not enough time to answer every question in a single episode, so part 2 to this episode is in the works. If you have questions you’d like to add to the conversation, fire a tweet to @DayTwoCloudShow.

Tech Bytes: HashiCorp Terraform Cloud

Stay tuned after the episode for a sponsored Tech Bytes conversation with HashiCorp on its Terraform Cloud offering. Guest Rosemary Wang, Developer Advocate at HashiCorp, discusses infrastructure as code and how you can use Terraform Cloud to manage the growth and security of your cloud resources.

Show Links:

AWS Performance Efficiency Pillar – AWS (PDF)

Ned Bellavance’s Advanced Networking On AWS course on PluralSight

Episode 42