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Day Two Cloud 044: Dev+Ops, Ops+Dev

Derek Campbell joins Day Two Cloud for a discussion about DevOps. Of course, DevOps has been discussed to death across the IT landscape, so we drill into specifics with Derek to get his unique take, which he delivers with a Scottish accent. Even if you can’t make out what he’s saying, you’ve love listening to him.

What We Discuss

We ask Derek a lot of questions, such as…

  • What do you think led to the rise of DevOps now, and what shaped the practices and philosophy behind it?
  • How did you find yourself beginning to adopt Devops principles? Did you gradually adopt them, or were you thrown into a project that required them?
  • What skills did you find most useful when starting to adopt DevOps practices? What resources did you find helped you ramp up?
  • We’ve done a few shows around infrastructure as code. Do you feel that ties closely in with DevOps principles? How would you define IaC?
  • Let’s say I’m sold and I want to go into my boss’ office and ask for some training, resources, or a group to start the DevOps revolution. They are going to want to know the business benefits of working the DevOps way. What do you say to them?

We walk away with the idea that DevOps isn’t a single thing. It’s more like Dev+Ops, but also Ops+Dev.

Derek’s Transformational Takeaways

  • Take your time to learn, learn as you go, and never stop.
  • Read the documentation.
  • Help others in the community with technology.
  • Read The Phoenix Project & The Unicorn Project.

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Episode 44