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Day Two Cloud 045: Tackling Multi-Cloud Challenges With An Actual Multi-Cloud Consumer

The cloud giants are happy to tell you how great their services are, but what’s it like from the customer perspective? We find out on today’s Day Two Cloud podcast with a guest migrating applications to Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Our guest is Snehal Patel, Network and Cloud Architect for a large corporation. Snehal is constantly exploring new technologies. He’s part of a team working on cloud migration, with a focus on networking, security, and infrastructure.

We discuss:

  • His organization’s use of IaaS and PaaS services
  • Lift-and-shift vs. re-factoring
  • Why his organization went with Oracle Cloud
  • Architectural details of the cloud migration
  • Factoring application availability into the design
  • Security and connectivity issues
  • More


  1. Enterprise cloud adoption is not easy and needs planning.
  2. Compare and learn.
  3. Think about the traffic flow

Show Links:

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Episode 45