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Day Two Cloud 046: A Cloud Checkup During Covid-19 With ThousandEyes (Sponsored)

Episode 46

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Day Two Cloud dives into the health and performance of the global cloud during the pandemic. Sponsor ThousandEyes measures, collects, and reports on Internet performance, giving them a unique perspective into how cloud providers are faring region by region, provider by provider, and service by service.

ThousandEyes software agents instrument Internet and cloud providers, perform active probes, and measure network and application performance from customer sites around the world. Our guests are Archana Kesavan, Director of Product Marketing; and Angelique Medina, Director of Product Marketing.

We discuss:

  • How public cloud providers are holding up
  • Regional differences in outages
  • Cloud connectivity strategies, including direct connections into AWS, Azure, Google, and others
  • ISP outage trends
  • Lessons for infrastructure and application design
  • More


  1. The Internet is fragile yet resilient and it will continue to be so past all of this
  2. VPN concentrators are highly stressed
  3. COVID-19 acts as an accelerator, increasing cloud adoption (agility, etc.). Cloud providers are proving resilient (few outages + regional differences)

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Episode 46