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Day Two Cloud 048: Migrating Your Data Center To The Cloud

Episode 48

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Today’s Day Two Cloud episode dives into data center migrations. If you’ve got critical applications on premises that you want to move into the cloud, get ready to do a lot of planning.

Bringing in an outside party may be a good idea because is a complex task with known and unknown dependencies both in the cloud and on premises.

And once the migration is over, what happens to ongoing management of those cloudified applications? You need a well-trained IT staff to keep those applications humming.

Our guest is Sarah Lean, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Her role is to help customers and Azure engineers align and get along.

We discuss:

  • Business drivers for migrating data center applications to the cloud
  • What shouldn’t be moved
  • How IT skills do–and don’t–transfer from on premises to the public cloud
  • Tips for minimizing migration pain
  • More


  1. Auditing your environment before a migration is essential.
  2. Ensuring your staff have the right level of skill to support your cloud environment is vital to IT’s ongoing success.
  3. Never stop learning.

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Episode 48