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Day Two Cloud 049: The Gritty Details Of Designing And Running A Private Cloud

Building a private cloud–who would do such a thing and how?

On today’s Day Two Cloud we tackle the practical aspects of private cloud, including designing the infrastructure and creating policies before you start racking gear. It comes back to the human issue, where the designers have to understand what business users need, and figure out the best way to deliver services to meet those needs.

Our guest is Brett Johnson, a Senior Consultant at VMware.

We discuss:

  • The differences between a private cloud and server virtualization
  • Business drivers for a private cloud in an age of public cloud
  • The role of a service catalog
  • The elements that go into a service offering (SLAs, consumption models, pricing, etc)
  • Securing private cloud services
  • More


  1. When creating a service offering, define the services and build the infrastructure to suit. Service definitions should be based on consultation with the intended consumers.
  2. Think like a provider; look at the services that public cloud providers offer and how they define those services.
  3. Start small and build out, make the solutions robust, manageable, and grow from there. Trying to meet the needs of everyone at launch is generally not feasible.

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Episode 49