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Day Two Cloud 050: Nerding Out On GitHub Actions With Chris Wahl

Today’s episode gets into the nerdy details of how an infrastructure professional can use GitHub Actions. Actions is a recent feature introduced on GitHub that lets you chain together steps or instructions and trigger them to run as a workflow.

Actions lets you automate workflows in a GitHub repository without having to set up a sidecar service to monitor for triggers. For example, you could set up Actions to take specific steps if someone makes a pull request or submits an issue.

Our guest is Chris Wahl, Chief Technologist at Rubrik and co-host of the Datanauts podcast (now discontinued, but see the back catalog here).

We discuss:

  • What GitHub Actions are and how they work
  • The marketplace for Actions
  • How to set up Actions
  • Addressing security
  • Tips for effective use
  • Documentation
  • More


Show Links:

Debugging with tmate · Actions – GitHub Marketplace

Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions – GitHub Actions

Chris Wahl on Twitter – Chris’s blog

Chris Wahl on GitHub

Chris Wahl on LinkedIn

Episode 50