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Day Two Cloud 051: Building And Running A Cloud User Group

Episode 51

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On Day Two Cloud we talk about how to start and participate in a cloud user group. We talk about logistics, money, sponsors, a venue–in other words, the nuts and bolts of running and engaging with a cloud community.

Our guest is Chris Williams, a multi-cloud consultant at WWT. Chris is an AWS Community Hero and has participated in vBrownBag and VTUG.

We discuss:

  • Reasons to get involved in a tech community or user group
  • Staring your own group
  • Sharing the load of running a community
  • Tips on tools and raising money
  • Identifying the best meeting time and venue
  • More


See what’s out there, then jump into a group that’s interesting. Talk to the leaders. Get a feel for the water.

Show Links: – Chris Williams’ blog

@mistwire – Chris Williams on Twitter



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Episode 51