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Day Two Cloud 052: Moving Back Home From The Cloud

Episode 52

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Today’s Day Two Cloud episode is a frank conversation about cloud migration, multicloud, cloud repatriation, and more. If you’re here for rainbows and unicorns, prepare for disappointment. We talk about what’s real, how expensive it can be to move to cloud, why people bring workloads back on premises, and more.

Our guest is Bobby Allen, CTO at CloudGenera. He works with companies on making cloud real.

We discuss:

  • The cost drivers of cloud repatriation
  • Thinking of cloud migration as a brownfield engagement
  • The necessity of executive leadership in cloud projects
  • How hard it is to quantify an application’s value
  • Ingredients for doing multicloud right
  • Vetting consultants
  • More


  1. Technology is the easy part. Think People, process, product or people, process, problem. Solve something for someone, don’t just fall in love with cool tech and get lazy.
  2. Conversations and decisions happen at the application level. Engage solutions and providers that can talk at that level – architecture, change, financials. We talk about wholesale data center moves or transformation but those happen less than tinkering with some old apps or building a few new ones.
  3. Dream like there is a greenfield but act like there is no godfather (to magically foot the bill). Technical curiosity has to ultimately meet financial common sense, but don’t start there. Start with the dream or the vision then pare it back to the resources you have (which aren’t just money). Folks may be willing to trade insights or references for services even when you don’t have money.

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Show Links:

Public Cloud Workload Repatriation – CTO Advisor Virtual Conference (via YouTube)

Bobby Allen on Twitter

Bobby Allen on LinkedIn

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Episode 52