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Day Two Cloud 053: Effectively Monitoring Cloud-Native Applications

Episode 53

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Monitoring is the topic for Day Two Cloud. But before you skip because you think it’s boring, this conversation may change your mind.

We dig into what’s necessary to effectively monitor cloud-native and microservices applications. Monitoring the right way can help you run infrastructure smoothly, improve troubleshooting, and anticipate issues before they affect performance or services.

Our guest is Josh Barratt, Senior Principal Engineer at Twilio. You can follow him on Twitter at @jbarratt.

We discuss:

  • The intersection of applications and infrastructure
  • How the details, not the principles, differ between monitoring cloud and on-prem
  • Whether you can trust cloud providers to handle monitoring for you
  • Key metrics to monitor
  • Open-source vs. commercial tools
  • Effective data visualization
  • Addressing alert noise
  • More


  1. USE/RED/Costs
  2. Protect your focus
  3. Protect your sleep

Show Links:

Josh Barratt on Twitter – Josh’s blog

Monitorama Conference

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Episode 53