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Day Two Cloud 054: Real Life VMware Cloud On AWS

Episode 54

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VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS presents a VMware software defined data center (SDDC) hosted on bare metal in AWS data centers. If you’re trying to vacate your own data centers or colos, but aren’t going to refactor your applications to do it, VMC on AWS presents a compelling technical solution.

In this episode, we discuss the reality of running VMC on AWS with Adam Fisher, Cloud & DevOps Engineer at RoundTower. Adam’s been deploying VMC on AWS in the real world for customers since the product’s early days, and has plenty of insights.

  1. What’s VMC on AWS good for? Lots of things, in his opinion.
  2. What’s VMC on AWS cost? In Adam’s experience, it’s not as bad as we’d heard, although it depends heavily on your architecture.
  3. Is VMC on AWS just transitional technology? Even if it is, is that a bad thing?
  4. What’s the reality of connecting your VMC on AWS environment to your AWS VPCs?
  5. And what’s this VMware HCX thing? Adam describes it as an easy button for certain connectivity challenges.

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Episode 54