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Day Two Cloud 055: Securing Cloud Infrastructure And Applications

Episode 55

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud. Security is difficult and tricky, but we’ve got an amazing guest to help you improve your security posture and manage your cloud risk. Our guest is Tanya Janca, Founder, Security Trainer, and Coach at She Hacks Purple.

We discuss:

  • Key cloud security areas including the network, identity, and application security
  • Whether to approach security from an infrastructure or application view
  • Managing identity in the public cloud
  • Getting visibility without getting overwhelmed
  • API security
  • Security considerations for SaaS applications
  • Building processes to manage risk across a growing number of cloud applications
  • The intersection of security and DevOps
  • More


  1. Multi Factor Authentication for anything you care about. “This messes attackers UP!”
  2. When you go to cloud, ZERO TRUST. The edge matters, but it’s not enough.
  3. Use the security tools your cloud provider is giving you. You’re paying for them.

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Tanya Janca @shehackspurple (Twitter, YouTube, Twitch)

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Episode 55