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Day Two Cloud 058: Using Curiosity And Mistakes To Advance Your Career

Today’s Day Two Cloud gets into career advancement. Tech chops are necessary, but not sufficient. This episode walks through a five-step process to help you get where you want to go in IT.

Our guest is Sam Erskine, head of cloud engagements for a large consulting firm. Sam developed this process for a presentation to distill his years of experience. You can follow Sam on Twitter at @samerskine.

We discuss:

  • Sam’s five-step process for career advancement
  • Understanding the why and not just the how
  • Balancing technical chops with business knowledge and essential communication skills
  • Building career capital
  • Staying open to new ideas
  • The role of mentorship
  • More

Key Takeaways

  1. Skill comes with practice and dedication
  2. Start with something easy that solves a particular problem
  3. Mind your own business

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Show Links:

Sam Erskine on Twitter: @samerskine – Sam’s blog

Sam Erskine on LinkedIn

Episode 58