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Day Two Cloud 061: Using Public Cloud For Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a complex mix of planning, policy, technology, and testing. The public cloud has emerged as an option for disaster recovery, and today’s episode explores what that might look like.

We dive into different approaches to using the cloud, examine costs and benefits, discuss recovery times, and more. We’ll draw on co-host Ned Bellavance’s experience working on DR projects for a variety of customers during his VAR days.

We discuss:

  • If you’re already in the cloud, do you need DR?
  • Drawing up a cost/benefit analysis
  • Benefits of public cloud vs. a physical site
  • DR approaches including cold DR, pilot light, warm sites, and hot sites
  • Differences between RPO and RTO
  • How to plan and practice
  • DR products
  • More

Key Takeaways

  1. Plan. Without a plan you don’t know your requirements
  2. Test. Once you have a plan, you have to test it regularly
  3. Get application owners, users, and executives on board

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Episode 61