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Day Two Cloud 062: What Do Words Mean?

Episode 62

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The IT discipline you work in likely informs your understanding of particular terms. But a term used in security may have a different interpretation when used in storage. Complicating matters even more, vendors often twist the meaning of words to suit their own ends. Are we in a post-truth era of IT?

Today’s Day Two Cloud podcast aims to bring clarity to the language IT pros use. Our guest and guide is Karen Lopez, Data Evangelist at InfoAdvisors.

We discuss:

  • How various disciplines use the same terms differently
  • Why precision in language matters in IT
  • Vendors playing loose with terms
  • The Data Management Body Of Knowledge
  • Structured vs. unstructured data
  • Confusion around data management
  • More


  1. It’s really hard, risky, and costly to collaborate when we have wildly different definitions for terms.
  2. It’s not just semantics, but it’s not rocket surgery, either.
  3. We as a profession should be pushing back when vendors overly-market tech terms and there’s nothing behind them.

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Show Links:

@datachick – Karen Lopez on Twitter

Data Management Body of Knowledge – DAMA – Karen’s blog

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Episode 62