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Day Two Cloud 063: The How And Why Of Migrating Databases To The Cloud

Episode 63

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This episode of Day Two Cloud dives into the minutia of database migrations to the cloud. If you’re going to do it right, prepare to dig in because you have many options and many trade offs to consider, including I/O, whether to go with IaaS or PaaS, security and monitoring issues, and much, much more.

Our guide to the inner workings of database migration is Joey D’Antoni, Principal Consultant at Denny Cherry & Associates and an expert on cloud databases with the scars and stories to prove it.

We discuss:

  • How moving a database to the cloud differs from moving an application
  • Pros and cons of IaaS vs PaaS as a home for your database
  • Choosing among a plethora of database options, including non-relational
  • Where to start with a database migration
  • Security concerns
  • More


  1. Understand cloud storage
  2. Understand cloud networking
  3. Consider PaaS for your database

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Episode 63