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Day Two Cloud 064: Bringing Ansible Into A Windows Shop

Episode 64

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There’s a strong association between Ansible and Linux, but Ansible can also work well with Windows. On today’s Day Two Cloud, guest Josh Duffney comes aboard to make the case for bringing Ansible into your Windows world. Josh is Site Reliability Engineer at Stack Overflow and a Microsoft MVP. He’s also written a book on Ansible.

We discuss:

  • Key elements of Ansible
  • Automation in a Microsoft shop, and how Ansible can fit in
  • Ansible’s value for orchestrating tasks
  • Using Ansible with the Chocolately package manager
  • Bringing Ansible to Azure
  • More

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  1. Using Ansible with Windows is a thing
  2. Get out of your OS camp
  3. Love to learn

Show Links:

become Ansible – Josh Duffney

Josh Duffney on Twitter: @joshduffney – Josh’s Web site and blog

Getting Started with Ansible on Windows – Pluralsight

Ansible for DevOps – Jeff Geerling (via LeanPub)

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Episode 64