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Day Two Cloud 066: Cloud Computing At The Edge(s)

Episode 66

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The “edge” is one of the latest buzzwords to emerge in IT. Like “cloud” before it, edge can mean a lot of things depending on who’s trying to sell you something: a branch office; the base station of a cell tower; an IoT sensor; a cloud or telco outpost of compute, storage, and networking.

On today’s Day Two Cloud we try to get our arms around the edge and what it means for your IT  infrastructure, your operations, and your business.

Our guest is Mark Thiele, CEO and founder of Edgevana.

We discuss:

  • What “edge” really is and why it’s distinct
  • The growth potential and opportunities in edge computing
  • Compute, storage, and networking challenges
  • Operational issues in deploying and supporting edge infrastructure
  • More


  1. There is an Edge for most every enterprise
  2. Differentiation with the customer is key and it can come from unusual places
  3. There isn’t one provider that will solve all you edge requirements and even within the enterprise there is unlikely to be just one deployment/business model for Edge

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Show Links:


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@mthiele10 – Mark Thiele on Twitter

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Episode 66