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Day Two Cloud 067: Choosing The Right Applications For The Cloud With SolarWinds (Sponsored)

Does your app belong in the cloud? Of course it does, because cloud!

Uh, no. Most companies have gotten away from that sort of thinking, as the “because cloud” approach has resulted in some bad architecture and unexpectedly large bills. These days we know that cloud adoption requires thought, care, analysis, and a plan.

So what apps do belong in the cloud? How do you figure that out?

To help us answer these questions, Dave Wagner, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at SolarWinds, has joined us to help us come up with a strategy for determining what apps should be in the cloud, and what apps are better left on traditional infrastructure.

SolarWinds is our sponsor for this episode, and has tools to help organizations decide whether on-prem or cloud is the best home for an application.

We discuss:

  • Features that make an application suited to public cloud
  • Problems with forklifting an application
  • Whether hybrid cloud is a transitional strategy
  • Tools for assessing workloads
  • Cloud migration issues such as dependencies
  • More


  1. User experience is king – it’s about performance.
  2. Performance is limited by capacity. There’s always a bottleneck. Cloud doesn’t make this untrue – just moves the bottleneck.
  3. Cost impacts everything. Overprovisioning, moving data, underprovisioning. It all has a price.

Show Links:

Server & Application Monitor – SolarWinds: Infrastructure and application performance monitoring for commercial off-the-shelf (COTs) and SaaS applications.

AppOptics – SolarWinds: SaaS-based infrastructure and application performance monitoring, tracing, profiling, and custom metrics for hybrid and cloud-custom applications.

Pingdom – SolarWinds: Synthetic and real user monitoring for visibility and troubleshooting of web applications from outside the firewall.

Loggly – SolarWinds: SaaS-based collection, management, and analytics for application and infrastructure logs.

Database Performance Monitor – SolarWinds: SaaS-based database performance monitoring and optimization for open source and NoSQL databases.

Episode 67