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Day Two Cloud 070: The State Of Multi-Cloud Networking

Episode 70

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Today’s show is a vigorous discussion of multi-cloud networking. Our guest, networking expert Ivan Pepelnjak, brings a heavy dose of skepticism, nuance, and informed perspective to the tricky issue of connecting workloads across different public clouds.

Ivan is a networking consultant and trainer, and hosts the Software Gone Wild podcast.

We discuss:

  • Reasons you might need to connect multiple public clouds
  • Why multi-cloud is a bad idea, according to Ivan
  • Design choices for making the best of a multi-cloud deployment
  • Issues of tooling, training, and in-house expertise
  • Why you are the unicorn
  • Much more

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Show Links: – Ivan’s Web site

IPSpace Training

@ioshints – Ivan on Twitter

Multi-Cloud is the Worst Practice – Last Week In AWS

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Episode 70