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Day Two Cloud 071: It’s Not Too Late To Make DevOps Work

Episode 71

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Technology is accelerating like crazy, with new tools, services, open-source projects, and processes. If you’re trying to make DevOps work in your organization, the pace of change can make you feel like you’re perpetually behind. This Day Two Cloud episode is here to say: The DevOps clock has not struck midnight.

You’re going to be OK. You can still engage with DevOps to move your career and your organization forward.

Our guest for your DevOps decompression is April Edwards, a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft.

We discuss:

  • Essential DevOps concepts
  • Organizational and cultural challenges to the DevOps model
  • How to reduce tensions between Ops and Dev teams
  • Whether it’s possible, or even valuable, to keep up with everything
  • Working with organizations at different stages of their DevOps development
  • Applying DevOps principles to security


  1. DevOps requires people, process and tooling to be successful – there isn’t a magic bullet
  2. DevOps is about delivering value
  3. DevOps never stops, it’s a constant cycle of improvement

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@TheAprilEdwards – April Edwards on Twitter

April Edwards on LinkedIn

April’s Blog

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Channel9 Show  – DevOps Lab – YouTube

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Episode 71